Slovak Republic

  1. By playing on the game server, the player accepts all the rules and business conditions listed below!
  2. Interpretation of the rules is in the competence of the members of the Admin team!
  3. Prohibit any deception of a member of the Admin team.
  4. Prohibition of placing ads in any way!
  5. The ad is considered to be: the name of another server, youtube channel, or any link. Exceptions are: this site, discord and teamspeak server!
  6. The significance of the ad is determined solely by the administrator, which means that if you make an ad on a shoe, candy, yes, it is also taken as an ad, although it is not serious, if you receive a warning, we will have it adequately substantiated!
  7. Strictly prohibiting the use of hacks and / or cheats that favor you over other players (flyhack, x-ray, killaur, etc.).
  8. Prohibition of griefing of property located below the residence. Likewise, the destruction and theft of property by a foreign player to whom the thing belongs. We also include in this rule if the player is creating a residence in real time or is encouraged to issue any residence rights with his knowledge, but only to ensure that the player is damaged or robbed in some way.
  9. It is forbidden to send a teleport request to a place where the purpose of killing the player is obvious!
  10. No power to the accounts of A-team members!
  11. It is forbidden to impersonate members of the Admin team in any way!
  12. Prohibition on the use of nicknames similar to those of A-team members.
  13. The admin team oversees the game itself and follows the rules of server.
  14. Prohibition of the use of inappropriate nicknames (offensive, etc.).
  15. Prohibition of the abuse of nicknames of popular personalities appearing on the Internet (streamers, youtubers, etc.).
  16. Prohibit the use of any bugs. In case you find a bug, you are obliged to notify the members of the A-team.
  17. It is forbidden to use BUG!
  18. It is strictly forbidden to connect from other accounts during the ban, mute!
  19. The server is not responsible for any agreed financial transactions between players. It does not resolve any complaints or omissions in player transactions.
  20. It is forbidden to sell any game accounts and trade items in other games!
  21. It is forbidden to force money from players.
  22. Each player is obliged to report the violation of the rules to other players. In case of non-registration / concealment, the player is considered an accomplice.
  23. The player has the right to refer to the forum, or to the Facebook page of DarkAge, in case of an improperly granted ban.
  24. The player must not jeopardize the performance of the server with his game.
  25. Prohibition to beg for any benefits, packages or items!
  26. You are obliged to put your things away! We do not guarantee for lost things!
  27. It is forbidden to damage the server in any way.
  28. The unban is primarily decided by the member of the Admin team who granted the ban. If he is no longer in the Admin team, the decision is up to the senior members of the Admin team!