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 Mon Aug 19, 2019 9:55 pm
Mythic DarkAge



Original Mojang game:

How old are you?

What languages do you speak? (+lvl)
Serbian(balkan language[cro,bih...])
English(high lvl)
German(mid lvl)

How long you play minecraft:
since 2013 but i had a break from 2015 to 2018

Playtime on the server?
6 days
(PS: im doing this application cause i really like the server and i already have everything and did everything in survival, so i dont want to leave it people are really nice)

Time you can dedicate to the server on a weekly basis:
2 hours a day or more when im free cause im employed

Do you know how to use plugins?
some commands yes, i need to remember some because it was a while since i did admin stuff



Previous experience:
-owned a lot of pvp servers and built arenas for them

Why you become admin?
as i said, im really enjoying the server. i already did everything that i could in survival
so i'd really like to help new players

About ME:
im a cooperative person i like to help, i try to solve everything by words
even tho i do figthing sports hah :D



Premium Prepaid Game Servers and Hosting

About us

Welcome to Avalon community servers. We start up in 2018. As former founders and administrators of multiple game and multi community portals. Long time ago we was prioritized the family and our projects have been phased out. Now, after few years, we can no longer see this part of our youth has slowed down but surely falls into forgotten.


Good luck and Have fun !