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 #34  by admin
 Tue Jul 09, 2019 11:29 am

(ServerAdmin: MyroFight)
Minecraft server/client version: 1.14.4

+Protection(area,house,chunk) buy with /lands
+Chat for admins
+Automatic regeneration creeper damage to blocks
+Golden Apple - droping chance
+Daily rewards /prewards
+Daily server backups
+Custom awesome Shop /shop
+Automatic protect with Lands
+Custom Jobs /jobs browse
+Economy /bal /economy
+leash PETS with lead /petshop
+Simple safe trading /trade (green click)
+Premium Anticheat
+Wood cutter -drop trees instantly with axe
+Gate for random teleportation
+Events with automatic rewards
+Special crates with keys /warps
+Change your skin /skin xxx
+AntiSwear (automatic player mute)
+Player vs Player Arena (PVP)
+BOSS arena (PVE)
+Bank /bank
+Disabled Phantoms
+Automatic chest protect /cprivate /cmodify xxx
+custom repairing /uranvil
+HeadsPlus /heads /sellhead /hpc by
+Dangerous Nether (new entity, new mechanics,...)
+Ralistic fishing
+Craftbook (elevator, redstones,switches,...)
+bigger enderchest NEW!

to do list:
-Automatic dragon revive
-Custom Enchantment
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Welcome to Avalon community servers. We start up in 2018. As former founders and administrators of multiple game and multi community portals. Long time ago we was prioritized the family and our projects have been phased out. Now, after few years, we can no longer see this part of our youth has slowed down but surely falls into forgotten.


Good luck and Have fun !