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 #75  by Martin
 Sun Aug 04, 2019 4:24 pm
Server: Mythic DarkAge
Minecraft IP:



Original Mojang game:

Czech ( amlost perfect ), and English ( good, i think)

How old are you?

How long you play minecraft:
3 years ( with break about 1/2 year ).

Playtime on the server?
1day 15h

Time you can dedicate to the server on a weekly basis:
about 2-7 hours ( not always same ).

Do you know how to use plugins?
yes, but idk all of them.



Previous experience:
im helping players with some problems on server and i have a server with my friends, but its only for us, but some of them don´t know how to play, so i´m helping them too.

Why you become helper?
im arleady helping players with some problems on server, but i want to help them more, cuz now i can´t help with everything.

About me:
I´m just a kid who live in Czech. I like playing old school games, like GTA San Andreas, Minecraft, Factorio and another these games. I want to help more, than i´m helping now, that´s why i want to be helper or builder, cuz i else like building in Minecraft.
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 #76  by admin
 Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:36 am
Thank you for your apply,
what languages do you speak?
 #81  by Martin
 Mon Aug 05, 2019 5:41 pm
Czech ( almost perfect ), and english ( good, i think )
 #87  by admin
 Sun Aug 11, 2019 6:14 am
approved for helper



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Welcome to Avalon community servers. We start up in 2018. As former founders and administrators of multiple game and multi community portals. Long time ago we was prioritized the family and our projects have been phased out. Now, after few years, we can no longer see this part of our youth has slowed down but surely falls into forgotten.


Good luck and Have fun !