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Do you got ban unjustly? Write here.
 #117  by Ezelope
 Sun Aug 25, 2019 8:18 pm
Me and my friends got banned without any proper reason.
Nobody even bothers to tell us the reason why we got banned.
I stand by that it was only because Kukycz, Yamiru and kulaset don't like us..
We got banned all of the sudden by Kulaset with a reason: Violating server rules - present from THE owner
after that, Kulaset arrogantly and ironically wrote: Kdo je spokojen s dnešním banobraním? (Who is satisfied with today's banning?)
TheStabbyBunny and Kukycz were spectating us for the past few days just trying to find something even remotely "suspicious"... I don't even know what they found, but it must have been something rule-violating :wink:



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