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 #77  by Zeky
 Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:31 pm
~~~~« Basic Rules »~~~~

» Cheating is FORBIDEN
» SGS/Script/other is FORBIDEN
» Spaming is FORBIDEN
» Rasict is FORBIDEN
» Swearing is FORBIDEN
» Using bugs in map is FORBIDEN
» Using bugs in mod is FORBIDEN
» Disrespect other player's/Admin's is FORBIDEN
» Spam is FORBIDEN
» Camping is FORBIDEN

~~~~« CSGO Mod »~~~~
Basic rules + additional rules apply

» Giving hint (when you death) is FORBIDEN
» Using AIM Bot is FORBIDEN
» BunnyHop is FORBIDEN
» Script's is FORBIDEN

~~~~« Zombie Escape »~~~~
Basic rules + additional rules apply

» Being on top of a helicopter / impeding departure or closing a door is FORBIDEN
» Helping zombie's is FORBIDEN
» Using BunnyHop is FORBIDEN
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