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 #147  by Cazz-Kaii
 Mon Sep 16, 2019 2:33 pm
Cazz / Kaii


- 7 years of TS3 development and hosting
- Helping the upkeep of community servers
-Beta testing for TeamSpeak prior to some of their new updates

What i think being a TS3 Admin involves:
Helping staff upkeep the server and keep it usable and clean; also providing repairs on the server where needed. Another key factor of this role is helping out with users on the community where needed as an active member to assist any queries



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About us

Welcome to Avalon community servers. We start up in 2018. As former founders and administrators of multiple game and multi community portals. Long time ago we was prioritized the family and our projects have been phased out. Now, after few years, we can no longer see this part of our youth has slowed down but surely falls into forgotten.


Good luck and Have fun !